Scope and Editorial Policy


 MISES: Interdisciplinary Journal of Philosophy, Law and Economics is the Instituto Mises Brasil academic journal.

Its purpose to ensure the intellectual publication of professors and researchers, Brazilian and from other countries, scholars of the Austrian School of Economics and related topics. The journal is published in English, Spanish and Portuguese. The on-line Journal offers free and open access to your content on our website. All papers are already published with active DOIs.

Goals and Editorial Policy

  • Stimulate the interest of students, professionals, and researchers in the Austrian Economics School; 
    • Enable the exchange of information between educational institutions, institutes and think-tanks; 
    • Promote the dissemination of Austrian Economics interdisciplinary approaches; 
    • Serve as a vehicle for continuing and permanent education in principles of free market and of a free society,

The simultaneous submission to another journal is forbidden.

Manuscripts can be submitted in either Portuguese, Spanish or English. The revision process are Mises Journal responsibility.

Submission process

Each manuscript is initially evaluated by the Editor-in-Chief, or by another professional appointed by the Editor-in-Chief, with regard to its relevance to the scope of the Journal. In cases in which the manuscript is inadequate/incomplete a checklist with all the pending issues and forward it to the authors within thirty (30) days of the submission, so that the authors can address these issues.

The revised version of the manuscript should be submitted by clicking on its title under ‘Active Submissions’. The files will be forwarded to one of the Adjunct Editors or to the Section Editor for selection and preliminary assessment and will be subsequently allocated to a reviewer, in accordance with the areas of expertise and specialization.

If the authors do not return the revised manuscript within the stipulated deadline, the process will be archived to avoid process inactivation in the database of the submitted manuscripts.