Praxeology and Internal and External Criticism in Caldwell and Sen:

A Path to the Methodological Pluralism


  • Felipe Rosa da Silva Centro de Estudos Superiores Manuel Ayau



Praxeology, Epistemology, Methodological pluralism


The praxeology formulated by Ludwig von Mises and defined as a general theory of human action, categorizes it as a science in which all individual actions are a priori rational. The axiom all the action is rational is deductively implied by the concept that individuals deliberate act to decrease in personal distress. Such provisions have generated controversy, is the methodological field and the epistemological field. At first, the criticisms are developed which is conventionally external praxeology critical, therefore, by methodological differences. In the second, the challenges consist of the axioms of rationality and logical deductions under the praxeological methodology. So, are called internal criticism of praxeology Mises. Here, we present such concepts and differences, concluding that the road to praxeology is not necessarily in its refutation, and yes, the evolution towards an essentially conceptualized by Bruce Caldwell pluralistic methodological way.


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